In October of 1976, two young skaters named Mike Williams and Joe Lynch approached a company called High Precision grinding and manufacturing, inquiring if they were interested in the production of new product for skateboarding, specifically skateboard trucks. Precision designer Bill Brawner and CEO Walter Teidge teamed up with Mike and Joe to form what is now known as Gullwing Truck Company. The debut product from Gullwing was the Split Axle. Intended for slalom and downhill, this was the first ever skateboard truck to feature a split axle design. This truck was hugely successful due to its fast turning action and stability at high speeds. Following the Split Axle was the Phoenix. The Phoenix had the same geometric style as the Split Axle but was built to withstand the abuse from Pool and Vert skating.

The 80's saw skateboarding become a force to be reckoned with and, with its growth, Gullwing was fueling its demand for quality skateboard trucks.