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ÉS Footwear, founded in the early 90s by skateboarding legends Pierre André Senizergues and Don Brown, embodies a successful fusion of elegance and functionality in the world of skateboarding. The brand was created with the aim of pushing the boundaries of skateboarding footwear, offering skaters an option that combines style and performance. Since its creation, ÉS has established itself as a major player in the skateboard shoe industry, combining technological innovation with modern aesthetics.

The Founders: Pierre André Senizergues and Don Brown

The genesis of ÉS Footwear dates back to the early 90s, when Pierre André Senizergues, a French professional skateboarder, and Don Brown, an American skateboard enthusiast and entrepreneur, decided to create a shoe brand dedicated exclusively to skateboarders. Senizergues, with his first-hand experience on the boards, brought a unique perspective on the specific footwear needs of skateboarders, while Brown, with his experience in the skateboard industry, provided strategic insight.

Their shared vision was to design shoes that would meet the rigorous demands of skateboarding while reflecting the style and aesthetic unique to skater culture. With this mission, ÉS Footwear was launched, and since then, it has continued to mark the industry with its innovative approach.

Emeritus Riders

ÉS Footwear has surrounded itself with a team of distinguished riders, helping to strengthen the brand's reputation in the skateboard industry. Renowned skateboarders such as Eric Koston, Tom Penny, and Rodrigo TX have worn ÉS shoes, bringing their expertise and experience to constantly test and improve the brand's products.

Eric Koston, in particular, played a key role as an ÉS rider. His influence in the world of skateboarding, combined with his collaboration with the brand on the creation of shoe models, has helped elevate ÉS Footwear to the benchmark for style and performance in the field of skateboard shoes.

Technological innovation

What sets ÉS Footwear apart in the skateboard industry is its commitment to technological innovation. The brand has constantly invested in research and development to create shoes that meet the specific needs of skateboarders. From specially designed soles for maximum grip on the board to durable, wear-resistant materials, ÉS has managed to combine functionality and durability without compromising on style.

The iconic “ÉS Accel” model is a perfect example of this successful combination of style and performance. Launched in the early 2000s, the Accel has become an icon in the world of skateboarding, appreciated as much for its retro look as for its advanced technical features.

Place in the Skateboarding World

ÉS Footwear occupies a privileged place in the world of skateboarding as a brand that has evolved with the changing needs of skateboarders while maintaining a stylish aesthetic. The brand has managed to stand out beyond its competitors by creating products that are both functional on the board and trendy on the street.

The presence of ÉS in skate culture is not limited to the feet of skaters. The brand has collaborated with artists, designers and other brands in the skateboard world to create unique collections and limited models that transcend the simple functional aspect of shoes to become objects of desire within the skateboarding community.

Community Engagement

Beyond shoe manufacturing, ÉS Footwear is also involved in the skateboarding community. The brand sponsors events, competitions and charitable projects, demonstrating its commitment to the growth and support of skater culture. Awareness initiatives and partnerships with local skateparks are an integral part of ÉS's strategy to actively contribute to the community that has contributed to its success.


ÉS Footwear has managed to create a distinct identity in the world of skateboarding by combining elegance with functionality. Founded by skateboarding enthusiasts, the brand has remained faithful to its initial mission while evolving with the trends and needs of the skateboarding community. With accomplished riders, an innovative approach and a commitment to the community, ÉS Footwear remains an influential force in the skateboard shoe industry, leaving a lasting imprint on skate culture.