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"All that's left is you, your skateboard, and the earth beneath you. So proceed and travel. - Jeff Grosso Jeff Grosso, a beloved Vans family member and skateboarding veteran, has had a colossal influence on the sport. Anyone with whom he had the opportunity to discuss skating could sense his genuine passion for it. Additionally, he firmly believed that skateboarding belonged to young people, which contributed to his support of the community and in particular the upcoming generations. Jeff was willing to do whatever it took to promote skateboarding and those involved with it. With the advent of skate videos that highlighted his abilities as well as his sardonic humour and bold spirit as he entertained crowds with his self-deprecating and pugnacious persona, Jeff rose to prominence within the competitive scene in the 1980s and quickly became one of the most recognisable faces in the sport. Jeff rose to become the unofficial skateboarding historian while he ruled the sport. He has given more than ten years of his unfiltered and distinctive industry insights to Vans' Love Letters to Skateboarding film series, which will serve as a reference work for skateboarding fundamentals for many years to come. Vans is introducing a brand-new legendary model called the Skate Grosso Mid in remembrance of Jeff and to help skaters of the future recognise the crucial part he played in defining skateboarding history. The Wrapped Skate Grosso Mid, which has been entirely modified for contemporary skating, provides even more of what is required to achieve maximum evolution on the board. The Skate Grosso Mid is equipped with a two-piece reinforcement strip with deeper fluted toe, repositioned DURACAP reinforcements, and a completely redesigned upper to resist the daily onslaught of skateboarding. A redesigned sculpted heel counter and inside tongue straps guarantee your feet are supported for enhanced board control. SICKSTICKTM rubber compound has been added to the outsole of Vans' iconic rubber compound shoes to increase grip and boardfeel. Additionally, the POPCUSHTM footbed offers energy return for improved impact protection and cushioning while assisting in lowering leg fatigue for longer skating sessions. A shank was also inserted to the heel to increase stability and support. The new Skate Grosso Mid gives you the iconic style you want and all the performance qualities skaters expect thanks to its sophisticated foxing tape and tough suede and 10oz canvas upper. To ensure you get the best in contemporary skate aesthetics and performance, look for the new checkerboard moving label on the sidewall.

• IMPROVED DURABILITY: DURACAPTM reinforced materials, a deeper fluted texture on the toe, and higher sidewalls offer a look that is eerily nostalgic as well as more durability and safety.

• COMPLETELY REDESIGNED UPPER: The inside tongue straps were rebuilt with a sculpted heel counter for a secure fit and unmatched board control.

• LEGENDARY GRIP: Our current grip champion is the exclusive new SickStickTM rubber composition. Our finest impact protection and cushioning is POPCUSHTM. For extended skating sessions, the energy-returning POPCUSHTM footbed helps to alleviate leg fatigue while protecting the feet from impact.