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This sneaker crease protector is made from Compound updated PE to ensure anti-crease for Jordan 1, Jordan 4, Air Force, Drunk Low, and so on. However, it is not so abrasive as to cause discomfort to the foot, making it suitable for both shoe crease protection and foot protection.

This anti-crease shoe protector features 25 pieces of holes for air breath. The interior of these crease guards features three sizing guides for trimming to accommodate different shoe sizes.

"Simple to Use" Attaching to the shoe's Crease Area does not require the use of glue or stickers. Excellent and lightweight sneaker shoe tree for storage and transport. Each package contains 1 pair of shoe crease protectors in black to accommodate your daily needs. Fully compatible with the majority of sneaker footwear.

Each package comes with 1 pair of durable sneaker crease protectors. 

Please note: do not use it while exercising. If your shoes are snug and not loose, it is not advised to use this method.