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  • Independent
  • 139
  •  Stage 11
  • "Raw" 
  • Standard Height (not Low!)
  • Park/Street/Old Skool Trucks
  • Pair
  • Pair of new Independent Stage 11 skateboard trucks, you all know these, they turn well and are stong, what more do you need?
  • Despite that...Probably the best trucks ever made!
  •   They have a 139mm wide hanger (approx 5.5") and an axle width of 8.0" making them perfect for boards in the 7.75" to 8.25" width range.* (depending on the deck shape and wheels used))
  • * Note: all measurements are approximate- may be couple of mm's either way!
  • Indy on the stage 11 design:
  • New Stage 11 standard height trucks are unquestionably the best combination of features and geometry Independent has ever produced.
  • By improving the modern performance features and iconic look of our Stage 10 design with newly reworked geometry based on Independent Stages 5-7 Independent has created the new standard to which all other trucks will be judged.
  • New Stage 11s feature improved performance features like:
  • -Improved turning: turn into and out of things easier
  • -Improved stability on landings and at high speeds
  • -Less wheels bite
  • -Better overall grind clearance
  • -Improved 'No Hang-up' yoke
  • -Longer lasting
  • -Stronger on impact