As a founding member of Z-Flex, he led the streets of Los Angeles in the Dogtown era, alongside Jimmy Plumer, another skating legend. Decades after the start of the first Z-Boys on the streets of Venice Beach, their characteristic style continues in today's Z-Flex skaters.

Z-Flex is one of the oldest skateboard companies in the world.

The Z-Boys became known for their aggressive skateboarding style that contrasted immensely with the freestyle movements of the 1960s skateboarding scene.

The nature of the skateboard eventually hit the Zephyr team. In 1976, Kent Sherwood, Jay Adams' father-in-law, separated from Zephyr and launched EZ-RYDER with half of Zephyr's skaters, including Jay Adams and Tony Alva.

6 months later, EZ-RYDER changed its name to Z-Flex.