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Founded in 2010, UNDZ emerged into the underwear fashion landscape with a bold vision and a desire to push boundaries. The founders, Olivier Primeau and Christian Bourdeau, decided to create an underwear brand that goes beyond functionality, incorporating self-expression and the rebellious spirit of skateboard culture. The genesis of UNDZ dates back to a desire to challenge norms and make a bold statement in the lingerie industry.

Founders: Olivier Primeau and Christian Bourdeau

Olivier Primeau, dynamic entrepreneur, and Christian Bourdeau, passionate about fashion, joined forces to create UNDZ. Their ambition was to break conventions in the world of underwear by introducing unique designs, innovative cuts and a fashion-forward approach. Together, they have shaped a brand that transcends the mere functionality of underwear to become a symbol of style and self-expression.

Emeritus Riders

UNDZ has expanded its influence by integrating distinguished riders into its family. These talented and passionate skaters become brand ambassadors, bringing vibrant energy to UNDZ's rebellious aesthetic. Although the brand is best known for its underwear, the association with riders gives UNDZ a deeper dimension, linking the brand to skateboard culture.

UNDZ's team of riders, often comprised of emerging and established skateboarders, participate in creative collaborations, events and projects aimed at merging fashion with the artistic expression inherent in skateboarding. These partnerships strengthen the connection between UNDZ and the skateboarding community, making the brand much more than just an underwear option.

Evolution in the World of Fashion and Skateboarding

Since its inception, UNDZ has seen a steady evolution from a bold underwear brand to an influential player in the fusion of fashion and skateboard culture. The first years were marked by distinctive designs and daring advertising campaigns, attracting the attention of a young and dynamic clientele.

UNDZ's presence in the skateboarding world has been strengthened through collaborations with artists in the skateboarding scene and events sponsored by the brand. These initiatives have allowed UNDZ to further integrate into the skateboarding community, expanding its reach and credibility.

Creative and Rebel Philosophy

UNDZ's philosophy is based on the idea that underwear should not just be functional, but also an extension of individual identity. UNDZ's distinctive designs, often influenced by street art and skateboard culture, exemplify this rebellious and creative philosophy. Each pair of underwear becomes a canvas for personal expression, allowing those who wear them to make a bold statement.

UNDZ's advertising campaigns are also imbued with this philosophy, capturing the bold and unconventional spirit of the brand. Collaborations with street artists and photographers reinforce UNDZ's commitment to creativity and artistic expression in all aspects of the brand.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

UNDZ recognized the importance of actively engaging in the community and taking socially responsible actions. The brand participates in charitable projects, encourages diversity in its advertising campaigns and supports local initiatives linked to skateboard culture. This social responsibility strengthens UNDZ’s connection with its customer base and reinforces its image as a community-minded brand.

International Expansion and Creative Collaboration

Over the years, UNDZ has expanded its reach internationally. The brand has capitalized on its rebellious and creative image to attract a global audience. International collaborations with artists and skaters reinforce UNDZ's position as a global brand that transcends borders.

Creative collaborations with skateboarding personalities, renowned artists and other fashion brands have allowed UNDZ to explore new artistic avenues. These partnerships strengthen UNDZ's credibility in the world of fashion and skateboarding, creating synergy between individual creativity and collective collaboration.


UNDZ, founded in 2010 by Olivier Primeau and Christian Bourdeau, has evolved beyond its initial status as a bold underwear brand to become an influential player in the fusion of fashion and skateboard culture. With a team of accomplished riders, a creative and rebellious philosophy, and a commitment to the community, UNDZ continues to redefine standards in the underwear fashion industry. The brand remains a flat