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Thunder Trucks, an iconic brand in the world of skateboarding, has emerged as a pillar of the industry through its commitment to innovation, quality and continued support of the skateboard community. Since its founding in 1986, Thunder Trucks has played an integral role in the evolution of skateboarding, delivering high-performance trucks and forging partnerships with some of the best skateboarders on the planet. Let's dive into Thunder Trucks' history, explore its collaborations with iconic riders, and examine its evolutionary journey.

The Creation of Thunder Trucks:

Thunder Trucks began in 1986, founded by Deluxe Distribution, a California-based company that also created other renowned skateboard brands. The idea to create Thunder Trucks was born from the desire to provide skateboarders with premium quality trucks that could withstand the rigors of tricks and street skating sessions. From the beginning, Thunder Trucks' goal was to push the boundaries of truck design and meet the specific needs of professional and amateur skateboarders.

The creators of Thunder Trucks focused on durability, lightness and responsiveness. The first Thunder trucks were characterized by their minimalist design, emphasizing simplicity and efficiency. The brand quickly distinguished itself by offering quality trucks that captivated the attention of skateboarders seeking superior performance on their boards.

The Technical Evolution of Thunder Trucks:

Over the years, Thunder Trucks has constantly sought technical innovation. The introduction of technologies such as tapered rubbers and forged axles has improved the responsiveness of trucks, giving skateboarders increased control over their board. The lightweight, strong design of Thunder trucks has helped position them as a preferred choice among demanding professional skateboarders.

A distinctive feature of Thunder trucks is the "thunder hollow," a lightweight cavity at the king pin. This design aims to reduce weight while maintaining strength, providing skateboarders with an optimal combination of lightness and durability. These technical innovations have allowed Thunder Trucks to stay at the forefront of the industry and continue to meet the evolving needs of skateboarders.

Thunder Trucks Riders:

The roster of riders associated with Thunder Trucks is a true constellation of talent, with influential skateboarders who have helped shape the brand's identity. The close connection between Thunder Trucks and the skateboard community is highlighted by partnerships with renowned riders.

Ishod Wair:

Ishod Wair, a versatile and creative professional skateboarder, is one of Thunder Trucks' most iconic riders. His unique style and innovative approach to skateboarding has helped strengthen the reputation for quality and performance associated with the brand.

Shane O'Neill:

Shane O'Neill, known for his impeccable technique and pinpoint precision, has also chosen Thunder Trucks as his partner in his skateboarding exploits. His influence in the world of street skating has amplified Thunder Trucks' visibility to a global audience.

Brian Anderson:

Brian Anderson, professional skateboarder and respected icon in the skateboarding community, was also a key rider for Thunder Trucks. His exceptional career and distinctive style have helped cement Thunder Trucks' position as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Collaboration with Riders for Signature Models:

Thunder Trucks has established close partnerships with some of its most iconic riders to create signature truck designs. These designs are often the result of close collaboration between riders and the Thunder Trucks design team, aiming to meet the specific needs and preferences of each skater.

Signature models are often characterized by unique details, such as custom graphics, specific technical specifications and sometimes weight variations to meet individual rider preferences. These collaborations strengthen the connection between the brand and its riders, while giving skateboarders around the world the opportunity to ride the same trucks as their skateboarding heroes.