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Launched in 2015 by Sean Cliver and Steve Wilson, STRANGELOVE Skateboards is emerging as a unique force in the skateboarding world. With a vision that goes beyond simple tricks and street descents, STRANGELOVE was born from the desire to merge art and skateboarding. Legendary skateboarding graphic artist Sean Cliver and skateboarding enthusiast Steve Wilson have joined forces to create a brand that transcends convention. The genesis of STRANGELOVE was inspired by a shared love for artistic creativity and personal expression through the board.

The Founders: Sean Cliver and Steve Wilson

Iconic artist Sean Cliver has left his mark on skateboarding history by designing memorable graphics for some of the industry's most influential brands. His artistic talent brings a distinctive aesthetic to STRANGELOVE, uniting visual art with skateboarding art. Steve Wilson, on the other hand, brings a deep passion for skateboarding as a lifestyle. Together, Cliver and Wilson formed a dynamic duo, merging the visual creativity of the artist and the authentic understanding of the skateboarder.

Place in the Skateboarding World

STRANGELOVE Skateboards occupies a unique place in the world of skateboarding by reinterpreting the relationship between art and skateboarding. STRANGELOVE boards are not just platforms for performing tricks, but rolling canvases that celebrate artistic aesthetics. The brand stands out for its designs rich in details, often imbued with the psychedelic and surreal imagery that characterizes Sean Cliver's style.

The skate videos produced by STRANGELOVE transcend conventional expectations. Each video is a cinematic work, capturing the essence of creativity, individuality and passion inherent in skateboard culture. STRANGELOVE Skateboards doesn't just sell boards, but tells a visual story through each product.

Emeritus Riders

The STRANGELOVE team of riders embodies the brand's artistic spirit and passion for skateboarding. Among them, Ben Kadow, a talented New York skateboarder, stands out for his unique style and his creativity in the use of urban spots. His presence on the team reinforces STRANGELOVE's commitment to artistic expression and innovation in skateboarding.

Austin Gillette, another accomplished rider, brings fluid technique and artistry to every skate session. His ability to merge style with technique aligns perfectly with STRANGELOVE's vision, adding a layer of sophistication to the team.

Artistic Collaborations

The STRANGELOVE Skateboards brand has stood out for its unique artistic collaborations. The boards resulting from these collaborations are true rolling works of art. Guest artists put their personal touch on the designs, creating limited editions that become prized collector's items among skateboarding and art enthusiasts.

These collaborations have also strengthened STRANGELOVE's place in the world of contemporary art. By associating skateboarding with emerging and established artists, the brand expands its influence beyond the traditional skateboarding circle, creating a bridge between skate culture and the art world.

Community Engagement and Sustainability

Beyond its artistic impact, STRANGELOVE Skateboards is also engaged in community and environmental initiatives. The brand supports local skateparks, encourages the participation of young skaters and strives to minimize its environmental footprint by using sustainable materials in the manufacturing of its products.

STRANGELOVE's commitment to sustainability and community strengthens the bonds between the brand and its fan base. By investing in the future of skateboarding, STRANGELOVE creates a deep connection with skateboarders around the world, sharing a common vision of art, creativity and respect for the environment.


STRANGELOVE Skateboards, founded by Sean Cliver and Steve Wilson, is much more than just a skateboard brand. It's an artistic ode on four wheels that celebrates creativity, self-expression and passion for skateboarding. With unique designs, cinematic videos and artistic collaborations, STRANGELOVE has redefined the way skateboarding is perceived, elevating the practice to an art form in its own right. STRANGELOVE's place in the world of skateboarding goes beyond technical performance; it lies in the brand's ability to capture the very essence of skater culture and transform it into a rolling artistic experience.