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PassPort Skateboards, born on the streets of Sydney, Australia, embodies the spirit of tireless exploration of skater culture. Founded in 2009 by Trent Evans, a passionate Australian skateboarder, the brand has evolved into much more than just a skate company. PassPort represents a continuous journey across the blacktop, capturing the essence of adventure and camaraderie that make skateboarding a unique and global culture.

Trent Evans: Founder and Creator

Trent Evans, the creative mastermind behind PassPort Skateboards, started the brand with the ambition of creating something distinctive in the skateboarding landscape. An avid skateboarder since a young age, Evans brought his artistic vision and love for skater culture to the creation of PassPort. Their commitment to authenticity and creativity shines through in every board, every piece of clothing, and every video the brand produces.

Trent Evans' vision was to build a brand that transcended geographic boundaries, reflecting the diversity of the skateboarding community around the world. He understood that skateboarding is not just a sport, but a culture that speaks a universal language, connecting skateboarders from all walks of life.

Emeritus Riders

PassPort Skateboards has assembled a team of accomplished riders who embody the unique spirit of the brand. Among them, Josh Pall, Australian skateboarder, stands out for his fluid style and his creative approach to urban spots. Pall, as the leading figure of the team of riders, helped strengthen PassPort's presence in the international skateboarding scene.

Carter Riley, an energetic and versatile skateboarder, is another prominent member of the team. His dynamic performance and commitment to creating innovative content has solidified his place as a true representative of Pass~Port's adventurous spirit.

Place in the Skateboarding World

PassPort Skateboards has earned a distinctive place in the skateboarding world by taking an unconventional approach. The brand has managed to stand out thanks to its distinctive aesthetic, the quality of its products and its commitment to creativity. PassPort is not just a skate company, but a cultural entity that inspires and connects the skate community across the globe.

The skate videos produced by Pass~Port transcend genre conventions. Made with an artistic eye, they capture the essence of urban life and the spirit of adventure that permeates skater culture. These videos don't just show tricks, but tell a visual story, highlighting the diversity of spots and skaters encountered along the journey.

The Pass~Port board graphics are an extension of the brand's artistic commitment. The distinctive illustrations that adorn the boards are often the result of collaborations with local and international artists, adding a unique artistic dimension to each product.

Community Engagement

PassPort Skateboards is deeply committed to the skateboarding community. The brand hosts local and international events, helping to strengthen bonds between skateboarders and promote the spirit of camaraderie that defines skateboarding culture. Collaborative projects with local skateparks and initiatives to support young talents are all ways in which PassPort gives back to the community where it was born.

The brand also encourages individual creativity by providing opportunities for young, emerging artists to contribute to product and graphic design, creating a direct connection between Pass~Port and its global skateboarding community.


PassPort Skateboards has created a distinctive mark in the world of skateboarding. Founded on tireless exploration and creativity, the brand transcends geographic boundaries to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of global skater culture. With dedicated founders and riders, PassPort remains a pillar of authenticity in modern skateboarding, capturing the spirit of adventure on every board and infusing dynamic energy into the global skateboarding community. Balancing art, adventure and camaraderie, Pass~Port Skateboards continues to carve its unique path into the blacktop of the skateboarding world.