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Nixon, a watch brand that combines style and functionality, has stood out since its creation in 1997 to become a reference in the watchmaking world. Founded in California by Chad DiNenna and Andy Laats, Nixon has grown rapidly by captivating an audience passionate about board sports and fashion. Let's dive into Nixon's history, explore his collaborations with iconic riders, and examine his evolution in the world of watchmaking.

The Creation of Nixon:

The Nixon story begins in 1997, when Chad DiNenna and Andy Laats joined forces to create a watch brand that would transcend convention. Both from the board sports industry, they wanted to fill a void by offering watches that reflect the active and relaxed lifestyle of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding enthusiasts. The name "Nixon" was chosen to evoke the attitude of the American president of the same name, a symbol of leadership and confidence.

From its beginnings, Nixon has adopted an innovative approach by offering watches with distinctive and functional designs. The founders understood that board sports enthusiasts needed watches that were robust, waterproof and equipped with specific features. This is how Nixon introduced watches that went beyond their simple utility to become essential fashion accessories.

The Nixon Riders:

Nixon's involvement in the world of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding has resulted in collaborations with iconic riders. These partnerships have helped to strengthen the brand's image by associating it with renowned athletes who share the same passion for adventure and surpassing oneself.

Tony Hawk:

Tony Hawk, a skateboarding legend, was one of the first riders to collaborate with Nixon. Its signature watch, the “42-20,” has become iconic, offering a bold design and features tailored to the needs of skateboarders. The collaboration with Tony Hawk helped establish Nixon's legitimacy in the world of professional skateboarding.

John John Florence:

In the world of surfing, Nixon partnered with John John Florence, a world-class surfer. The “Ultra Tide” watch, designed in collaboration with Florence, offers specific features for surfing enthusiasts, such as information on tides and lunar phases.

Marcus Kleveland:

Nixon also expanded his influence in snowboarding by collaborating with Marcus Kleveland. The Norwegian rider, known for his creative and progressive style, helped design the "Ranger 45" watch, which reflects the adventurous spirit of snowboarding.

Nixon's Evolution in Watchmaking:

Over the years, Nixon has expanded its line of watches to meet a variety of styles and preferences. From diving watches to elegant models adapted to everyday life, Nixon has diversified its offering while maintaining a recognizable aesthetic.

The 51-30 Series:

Nixon's 51-30 series has become iconic, offering imposingly designed watches with oversized dials. These watches, often paired with high-quality materials such as stainless steel, have captivated an audience seeking bold and sophisticated pieces.

The Sentry Collection:

The Sentry collection embodies timeless elegance with sleek design watches. These versatile designs are suitable for a variety of situations, from the office to the beach, highlighting the brand's versatility.

Innovation and Technology:

Nixon has constantly sought to innovate by integrating cutting-edge technologies into its watches. “The Mission” series, for example, is a smartwatch designed specifically for board sports. Waterproof and equipped with features such as water temperature measurement, "The Mission" represents Nixon's commitment to the marriage of technology and an active lifestyle.

Nixon Culture:

The Nixon culture goes beyond watches to encompass a lifestyle focused on adventure, creativity and determination. The brand actively supports events related to surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding, strengthening its connection with the board sports community. Nixon's promotional videos highlight not only the features of their watches, but also the daring spirit of those who push the boundaries.