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New Balance Numeric, the skateboard division of the famous American brand New Balance, has established itself as an influential force in the skateboard industry since its creation in 2013. Known for its successful fusion of New Balance's classic heritage Balance and the specific demands of modern skateboarding, New Balance Numeric embodies the perfect alliance between style, performance and durability.

The New Balance Numeric story begins with a clear vision: to create skateboard shoes that meet the needs of professional skateboarders while maintaining the quality and aesthetic that New Balance is known for. The division started small but quickly established itself as a major player in the world of skateboarding, with a focus on technological innovation and collaboration with renowned skateboarders.

The New Balance Numeric philosophy is based on the marriage between innovation and respect for the roots of the brand. The skateboard shoes are designed incorporating cutting-edge technologies to provide optimal support, comfort and performance, while maintaining New Balance's iconic aesthetic. The use of premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques demonstrates the brand's commitment to excellence.

New Balance Numeric shoes have quickly become popular within the skateboarding community, particularly through successful collaborations with prominent professional skateboarders. These partnerships, such as those with PJ Ladd and Tiago Lemos, have allowed New Balance Numeric to develop signature shoes that reflect the unique style and preferences of each skater, while meeting the high technical demands of the discipline.

The aesthetic of New Balance Numeric shoes is inspired by both classic New Balance style and contemporary skateboarding influences. Clean, timeless designs are often paired with skateboard-specific technical details, such as grippy soles, abrasion-resistant overlays and advanced cushioning technologies. This harmonious combination of form and function has helped forge New Balance Numeric's distinctive visual identity.

Beyond shoes, New Balance Numeric offers a full range of clothing and accessories designed specifically for skateboarders. From hard-wearing pants to technical jackets, the brand strives to provide products that combine style and functionality. Collections are often the result of collaborations with artists and designers, adding a creative and original touch to each piece.

New Balance Numeric promotional videos play a vital role in promoting the skateboard brand and culture. These film productions highlight skateboarding teams and showcase their exceptional talent in captivating videos. This goes beyond just promoting products, creating an emotional connection between the brand and the skateboarding community.

New Balance Numeric's presence in the world of skateboarding goes beyond manufacturing products. The brand actively supports events, competitions and initiatives that strengthen connections within the skateboarding community. This commitment helps forge an authentic relationship between New Balance Numeric and skateboarders around the world, highlighting the brand's importance in the very fabric of skate culture.

Technology and innovation are fundamental pillars of New Balance's skateboard division. The brand continually invests in research and development to introduce innovative features into its products. From soles designed for optimal grip to hard-wearing materials, New Balance Numeric aims to provide shoes that meet the dynamic demands of modern skateboarding.

A distinct feature of New Balance Numeric is its commitment to sustainability. The brand takes steps to minimize its environmental impact by using recycled materials and adopting eco-responsible manufacturing practices. This commitment to sustainability is increasingly important to an environmentally conscious skateboarding community.

Also notable is the expansion of New Balance Numeric beyond the boundaries of skateboarding. The brand has managed to integrate streetwear culture and extend its influence to other spheres of fashion. Collaborations with fashion brands, artists and popular culture figures have allowed New Balance Numeric to transcend the boundaries of sport to become a style icon.

In conclusion, New Balance Numeric has established its presence in the skateboard industry by offering products that combine the