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2011 marked the beginning of a unique urban adventure with the founding of GX1000, a skateboard company that would become synonymous with raw style, street exploration and boundless creativity. Founded in San Francisco, this bold company was created by Ryan Garshell, also known as GX, a skateboarder with a passion for the city and its unique topography.

Founder: Ryan Garshell (GX)

Ryan Garshell, the mastermind behind GX1000, is much more than a skateboarding entrepreneur. It embodies the fearless spirit of San Francisco and the love of skateboarding that is GX1000. As a skateboarder and videographer, GX has brought an innovative vision to how skateboarding is captured and shared with the world.

Urban Exploration and Videography

The essence of GX1000 lies in its unique approach to urban exploration. The skateboarding videos produced by GX1000 are not just recordings of impressive tricks, but visual testimonies of exploring the streets of San Francisco. GX has captured the raw energy of the city, using skateboarding as a way to explore iconic neighborhoods, hills and streets.

GX1000 videos don't follow the conventional pattern of skateboarding productions. They are characterized by a cinematic aesthetic, skillful use of the camera and attention to detail of the urban environment. GX managed to transform the city of San Francisco into a skateboarding playground, and these videos became captivating visual documents of this urban adventure.

Emeritus Riders

The GX1000 team is made up of intrepid skateboarders, each bringing their own vision and style to the collective. Among them, names such as Al Davis, Brian Delatorre, Yonnie Cruz, and even the legend John Shanahan. These distinguished riders have been carefully selected by GX for their commitment to urban exploration, their mastery of skateboarding and their ability to capture the unique essence of San Francisco through their practice.

Each member of the GX1000 team contributes to the brand's distinctive aesthetic, constantly pushing the boundaries of skateboarding in the urban context. The steep streets of San Francisco become their playground, and each video is a celebration of the creativity and recklessness in skateboard culture.

Evolution in the Skateboard Industry

Since its founding, GX1000 has undergone significant evolution in the skateboard industry. The brand has demonstrated that it goes beyond simply producing skateboards. It embodies a way of life, an urban adventure that transcends conventions. GX1000's approach to marketing and promotion is based on authenticity and sharing real moments, creating a deep connection with the global skateboard community.

GX1000 videos, widely distributed across online platforms, helped expand the brand's influence beyond San Francisco. Skaters around the world have been captivated by GX1000's unique aesthetic, and the brand has successfully created a global community of skaters who share a passion for urban exploration.

Unique Visual and Aesthetic Style

GX1000's visual aesthetic is a distinctive blend of urban brutality, cityscapes and daring skateboard tricks. Videos are often shot on 16mm, which adds an authentic cinematic texture to each production. GX has managed to create a recognizable visual style, making each video a work of art that transcends the simple act of skateboarding.

The brand's products, from skateboards to clothing, also reflect this unique aesthetic. The minimalist, impactful designs capture the spirit of GX1000's urban adventure, creating a product line that resonates with skaters seeking authenticity and distinctive style.