Frog Skateboards, New York City is lo-fi and proud and brings personality and individual flair to skateboarding. From a product perspective, Frog makes unique skateboards, clothing, and key chains. (Plush toys are coming soon, no kidding!)

Frog Skateboards represents a new generation of skate brands. Do it as they wish, with little respect for the “standards” of skateboarding. They forge a new path and are purveyors of their own style. With graphics you might think are from a three year old, they bring an unusual aesthetic that is appreciated by many. Their skateboard is just as different and unique, the team representing this approach through Chris Milic, Jesse Alba, Pat Gallaher, Brighton Zeuner, Krazy Frankie and Luis Ouida.

With recent collaborations with another New York label - Noah - which was featured under "the essence of individuality in skateboarding" and a guest board from Polar Skate Co pro rider Hjalte Halberg, there is much to come from Frog. Whether you like it or not.