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Disorder Skateboards (Created in 2020): Urban Energy on Four Wheels

Genesis and Inspiration

Disorder Skateboards, powered by the vision of renowned professional skateboarder Nyjah Huston, has established itself as a shining powerhouse in the skateboarding world since its inception in 2020. Founded on Huston's immeasurable passion for skateboarding, the brand was designed to embody raw, uncompromising urban energy. The story of Disorder begins with Huston's fervent desire to create skateboard decks that would capture the very essence of individual expression and technical innovation.

Nyjah Huston: The Pioneer

Nyjah Huston, as the founder and figurehead of Disorder Skateboards, brings unquestionable credibility to the brand. With a track record of victories in prestigious competitions, including X Games gold medals and a string of successes in Street League Skateboarding, Huston is not only an exceptional skateboarder, but also a visionary entrepreneur.

His vision for Disorder Skateboards goes beyond skateboarding competitions. It revolves around the creation of a brand that reflects the rebellious attitude and authenticity of urban skateboarding. Huston, as a creator, brings a unique background to Disorder, establishing a direct connection with the skateboarding community.

Elite Riders

The Disorder Skateboards family includes some of the most talented and innovative riders in the skateboarding world. Skaters who share Nyjah Huston's vision and turn every skate session into a statement of individuality.

Among them, Jake "Urban Maverick" Morrison stands out for his tireless creativity and bold experiments with urban elements. His unique style aligns perfectly with Disorder's ethos, adding an extra layer of diversity to the collective.

Alyssa "Concrete Rebel" Taylor, a female force on the team, disrupts gender conventions and brings authentic energy to the world of skateboarding. Her fluid tricks and infectious passion for skateboarding have made her an icon among emerging skateboarders.

Positioning in the Skateboard World

Disorder Skateboards, under the leadership of Nyjah Huston, occupies a unique position in the skateboarding world. The brand is distinguished by its commitment to technical innovation and artistic expression, while honoring the roots of urban skateboarding. Disorder is not just a skate brand, but a movement that encourages skaters to push boundaries, explore new terrain and assert their identity through their board.

Disorder's presence in skateboarding competitions is marked by exceptional performances from its elite riders. Their participation in renowned events like Street League Skateboarding is a testament to Disorder's credibility in the competitive skateboarding arena.

Technical Innovation and Collaborations

The Disorder Skateboards brand also stands out for its commitment to technical innovation. Disorder boards are designed with careful attention to detail, incorporating cutting-edge materials to deliver the optimal riding experience. Collaborations with renowned skateboard engineers and designers demonstrate Disorder's commitment to technical excellence.

Collaborations with other brands and artists enrich the Disorder aesthetic. Limited editions and unique designs resulting from these partnerships make Disorder boards sought-after collector's items.


Disorder Skateboards, established in 2020 and led by Nyjah Huston, remains a powerful catalyst in the evolution of modern skateboarding. The brand doesn't just follow trends, but creates them, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible on a skateboard. Disorder embodies the soul of urban energy, capturing the essence of skater culture while setting new standards for the industry. As a beacon of innovation and authenticity, Disorder Skateboards continues to inspire a new generation of skateboarders and redefine the codes of contemporary skateboarding.