Chrystie NYC is a New York City based clothing brand run by professional skateboarder Aaron Herrington and photographer Pep Kim. The company formed in October 2016 with the aim of representing and celebrating New York's downtown skateboarding culture.

Chrystie produces a range of apparel including t-shirts, hats, trousers, football jerseys, crewnecks, hoodies, jackets, socks and accessories.

The company's goal is to promote projects which Herrington and Kim admire and share their mutual love of skateboarding, as well as elevating the individuals who are involved in these projects.

Chrystie NYC released their first promotional video in 2019, titled Chapter One. The video featured the full Chrystie team which is comprised of Kai Hillebrand, Alexis Sablone, Brett Weinstein, Kaue Cossa, John Baragwanath, Aaron Herrington and Shane Farber.