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April Skateboards emerged in the skateboarding world as an exciting and innovative project initiated by Australian professional skateboarder Shane O'Neill. The brand was founded by O'Neill with the goal of creating a line of decks and accessories that embodies his distinctive style and artistic vision of skateboarding. The genesis of April Skateboards dates back to Shane O'Neill's desire to contribute to skateboard culture by offering products that go beyond simple technical performance.

Founder: Shane O'Neill

Shane O'Neill, originally from Melbourne, Australia, is a professional skateboarder renowned for his impeccable technique, creativity and unique style on the board. With his experience in the world of professional skateboarding, O'Neill decided to channel his passion and expertise into creating his own brand. With April Skateboards, Shane O'Neill aims to provide skateboarders around the world with a platform to express their creativity through quality products.

Emeritus Riders

The April Skateboards team of riders is a collection of talents who share the artistic vision of Shane O'Neill. In addition to O'Neill himself, distinguished skateboarders are part of the team, bringing their distinctive style and creativity to the brand identity. Each member of the team contributes to strengthening April's image as a platform for artistic expression in the world of skateboarding.

Evolution in the World of Skateboarding

Since its inception, April Skateboards has evolved to become much more than just a skateboard brand. The brand has stood out for its unique board designs, often created in collaboration with renowned artists. This artistic approach added a distinct visual and aesthetic dimension to April's products, capturing the essence of creativity in skateboard culture.

Shane O'Neill's presence on the international skateboarding scene also helped propel April to the forefront. The brand's published skate videos, featuring O'Neill and other team members, have become captivating visual documents that go beyond simple tricks to tell an artistic story through skateboarding.

Artistic and Creative Philosophy

April Skateboards' philosophy is deeply rooted in artistic expression. Each board is considered a blank canvas on which skaters can leave their creative mark. Innovative designs and artistic collaborations demonstrate the brand's commitment to visual art, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity in the world of skateboarding.

April's aesthetic is not limited to boards, but also extends to collections of clothing and accessories, creating a complete range that reflects the artistic identity of the brand. This holistic approach helps strengthen April's position as a creative entity in the skateboard industry.

Community Engagement and Sustainability

April Skateboards is also engaged in community and environmental initiatives. The brand supports local and international skateboarding events, encouraging the growth and diversity of the skateboarding community. April also strives to minimize its environmental impact by using sustainable materials in the manufacturing of its products.

Commitment to the community is also demonstrated through collaborations with local skateparks, skate workshops and educational projects aimed at supporting the next generation of skateboarders.


April Skateboards, created by Shane O'Neill, embodies the essence of artistic evolution in the world of skateboarding. With a team of accomplished riders sharing a passion for creativity and artistic expression, April has established itself as a brand that transcends conventional expectations of skateboarding. The fusion of Shane O'Neill's impeccable technique and the brand's distinctive artistic approach makes April Skateboards an influential force, helping to redefine skateboard culture through creative expression on four wheels.