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Call Me 917 is an original idea of ​​Alex Olson who started the company in New York. Call Me 917 is a skate-focused spinoff of her more fashion-oriented brand - Bianca Chandon. Bianca was ironically launched with a then seemingly random phone number, (917) 692-2706.

Call Me 917 Skateboards takes inspiration from classic skate culture and references many iconic skateboard graphics and logos. Alex Olson himself knew about skate culture from a young age, as the son of Los Angeles skate legend Steve Olson.

917 quickly picked up the pace and assembled a team of New York and East Coast skateboarders relatively unknown at the time such as Max Palmer, Nik Stain, Cyrus Bennett and Aidan Mackey, who recently left to join Fucking Awesome. . Vincent Touzery and Hugo Boserup hold the European contingent. The 917's first professional pilot was Cyrus Bennet, who received his signature model in October 2017, shortly after the 917's first video title 'The Call Me 917 Video'. Max Palmer turned pro shortly thereafter.

917 produces a dope line of hoodies, t-shirts and caps that complement the series of boards they offer. With Alex Olsen at the helm, the future is long and bright.