The new Volcano deck of Winkowski from Santa Cruz is out now.

The Santa Cruz Winkowski Volcano Deck is hot off the press!

The Winkowski Volcano deck has a classic and timeless shape with a longer nose for a retro ride and a 15′′ wheelbase. As a result, it can be a super fun skate park ripper or a super fun cruiser with soft wheels.

Erick Winkowski's original shape deck has arrived. This wider deck, with an original '80s-inspired shape, is reminiscent of old Santa Cruz designs, but modernised for today's skateboarding.

This deck has a signature 7-ply North American Maple construction that is pressed individually with epoxy to create a strong, responsive deck with long-lasting pop and consistent concave and kick. A great skate park ripper, or put soft wheels on it and turn it into a great cruiser.


  • 10.34′′ deck width
  • 30.54′′ deck length
  • 15-inch wheelbase
  • 4.75′′ nose / 6.59′′ tail

To get your check here on our online store : Volcano deck Winkowski

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