The new F/U collection from Brixton and Independent

New Brixton x Independent Friendly Union Collection


Have you heard about the new F / U collection by Brixton x Independent? If the answer is no, this article is for you! I will introduce the new collab beginning with a comparison with the old collection, the origin of the name, the logo, the products offered and where to get these items, just in time to renew your spring wardrobe.




The first thing to know is that this is the second collaboration between Brixton and Independent. The last collection dates back to the fall of 2015. The products offered were similar to those of the new collection, but there was no windbreaker. The logo was very different and less refined than the new one. It was the original Independent logo, with the word Brixton instead of the words trucks co. In the white cross, one could read F / U. The old collab was a huge success, however, the elegance and style of the spring 2019 collection surpassed the bar.


Now, a little vocabulary. The collection is called F / U for Friendly Union or F *** U, it's up to you to decide (there is one of them that I prefer, but I do not say it is which). To make it simple, F / U is the product of a second collaboration between Brixton and Independent. The collection is a reflection of its two brands, the class and sobriety of Brixton, with the signature of Independent, their iconic and timeless logo. The logo of the collection is simple, but explicit. The Independent Cross is recognized in the Brixton badge. Perfect to look well dressed at all times and have a style of hell during the seshs at the skatepark.



T-shirts, long-sleeved jerseys, caps (trucker hat, daddy cap, flat paddle) and windbreakers to keep you warm while waiting for the bus. The collection offers the ideal range for our unpredictable climate. The colors were meticulously chosen, we go with navy blue, burnt yellow to finish with pale black. You ask yourself: why does the black turn pale? The answer is simple, it gives a different look to your sweater and no surprise after a few washes, your sweater will keep its original hue, had to think about it! The logo of the collaboration appears on all the pieces and on the label, one can see F / U written in yellow gold on a gray background.




All products will be available at the Rookery boutique in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and on their website. The official launch date by Brixton and Independent is February 28th. By cons, guys at the Rookery are so hyped to show the collection that they will make an exception and put on sale the new collaboration F / U earlier, February 25, so you can enjoy now!


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