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Questions worth answering with Lebicar

If you follow the Instagram page of the Rookery, you have surely seen the drafts of the new collaboration between the shop and Lebicar! The collection is ready, just put the shirts on sale.
As part of this second Questions worth answering and for you to discover the inspiration behind this unique collab; we have prepared a little interview with the artist who designed it: David Bicari.
You'll see, he's a super smat guy who loves skateboarding, he talks a little about him, about collab and especially about skateboarding! Good reading.

1. Tell us a little about yourself, where are you from? Where did you grow up?
Yes. I come from a suburb of Montreal. Repentigny baby! It's not far from the big city. Younger when I was not in the indoor park to skate, I was downtown to film friends!

2. How did your artistic career begin?
It's hard to know the exact moment, but long story short, I always drew. It must be known that I filmed and edited a lot of skateboards in time. So I started to integrate my little drawings in my videos. It was really at that moment that I realized that it was possible to integrate doodles everywhere. As we got older, it was harder and harder to find time to film, but the drawing stayed! Moving to the city, I started selling drawings to friends for tattoos, show posters, album covers and after more serious customers came. From that day, I loved to stop. If it's not for brands or orders, I like working on personal projects or exhibitions ... always busy bin ☺

3. What are your inspirations?
It would be easy to say skateboarding and music, but it's harder than that ... everything is inspiring. Sometimes just going through a path you've ever had makes you flash on an idea. Other times it's deeper discussions with friends. I also like to confront things I do not understand or music or art that I do not particularly like ... I think there's something inspiring about the discomfort contrasts.

4. What makes your art unique?
Unique ... it's big to think that! I can say that my work is a controlled clumsiness! Haha no, but for real, I think that the mix of black and white and my stroke of pencil make that recognize my work. It's simple and bold ... I think it speaks to the world!

5. Which works / works are you most proud of and why?
I had the chance to work on different really cool media (beer cane, shoes, murals, etc.), but I would say that there is nothing that beats a solo exhibition without constraints!

6. How long have you been skating?
I started at 7-8 years, so about twenty years!

7. What are your favorite skate spots?
I like to ride the new park in the Mile End, but the best is really a day at the P45. Otherwise a good old session of flat with the chummys it's the job!

8. Can you describe your board set-up? (board size, make and model of trucks, wheel diameter, bearings)?
Board: Welcome 9.5
Trucks: INDY 159mm
Wheels: Spitfire cutaway 55mm
Bearing: Minilogo

9. Who is your favorite rider?
Brandon Biebel no doubt!

10. Does the skate culture have a great influence on your inspirations?
It's because of skate culture that I draw, so yes! Skateboarding opened me to a million things I would never have discovered otherwise. Whether music, fashion, art or architecture, skate me and still makes me discover new business! Beyond that, I think skate embodies freedom and that's f ** king inspiring.

11. How did you meet the guys at the Rookery?
The boys contacted me on IG. I knew their old projects and I thought it would be sick to collaborate!

12. How did you get inspired for the Rookery Collab?
I wanted to play Rookery's iconic bird and I thought it would be cool to make him a domestic companion. A bit like a pirate and his parrot, but a skater and his raven!

13. What do you think makes the Rookery collection stand out?
I think it's good basics for all occasions! Simple and effective ☺

I hope you will like the new collection as much as this article. It is on sale at Rookery and on their website. Do not forget to follow Le bicar on Instagram, @lebicar! It's really nice stock, go encourage it.
Thank you again from the Rookery team for allowing us to do an interview with you David!

Francis Durand

crédit photo: David Bicari et Jean-René Bertrand

Francis Durand
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