History of a skateshop: 2nd Anniversary of the Rookery

History of a skateshop: 2nd Anniversary of the Rookery



On the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the shop, this week you are offered a slice of history. We present you the Rookery in all its facets. From her beginnings to choosing the name through her logo and contributions to the local skate community. We present the wheelhouse ambassador of the world of skateboarding in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.



The Rookery boutique was launched in 2017 in Old Saint-Jean. The idea was born from the fusion of the talents of Louis Samoisette and Jean-René Bertrand. Louis with his luggage of former representative of thirty notable brands such as Independent Trucks, Santa Cruz, Creature, OJ wheels, PlanB, Red Dragon, Diamond Supply co, New Balance Numeric, Fallen and more and Jean-René , the former owner of Orbite skateshop for more than 20 years. It was with a clear vision that the two friends who skated together in the 80s were embarking on the Rookery adventure. Their vision is mainly focused on the store's involvement with the skateboard community in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. It's also about creating a unique home-design brand that stands out by involving local suppliers as much as possible. For a skateshop Johannais, the name of the brand may seem English, however it was meticulously chosen. Small slice of history, more than 200 years ago, the suburb where the shop is located today was called Rookery. It is to make a nod to the history of old Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu that the shop opened under this name.



The choice of the logo coincides with the name of the brand. In English, the word Rookery refers to where crows nest, hence the idea of ​​logo design. One of the owners' goals is to create and draw their own clothing line. Since its inception, Rookery has been offering different collections that are manufactured in limited quantities. The brand has made several collaborations with other renowned brands, such as Supreme and Champion. In addition, some clothing lines were made with the help of more local artists like Brother Merle. Rookery brand products are always unique and distinguished.



In stores and online, you can also find most of the recognized skate and streetwear brands like Dime, Nike SB, Brixton, Independent, Primitive and more. The shop offers a wide range of products ranging from specialized decks and hardware to the latest clothing collections. The store sells a variety of shoes for skateboarding as well as for the look with a good variety of brands and choices. In short you can find everything you need, for any temperature or occasion.



The Rookery Shop actively contributes to the local community by participating and organizing several events. Always striving to involve artists, suppliers and local workers. For Jean-René, one of the conditions to open the shop was that the city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu build a skatepark. He told the city of this need for young people and actively participated in the city's decision to build the new park near the old town. We can now see a large community of skateboarders, from the most beginners to the most talented, to play with pleasure. On Rookery Wednesdays organized at the skatepark, it is offered to young skaters, hot dogs, Mr.Freeze and free tacos. You can also see the shop in local events such as my Vieux-Saint-Jean at night.



On March 2nd, Rookery celebrated his 2nd birthday. The still young shop is already well established on Richelieu Street. The promise of the future of the store and the vision of the owners will undoubtedly push the brand to surpass itself and even to reflect the city in the world of skateboarding internationally. Stay tuned for upcoming events. The store also tries to be active on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.



Through the shop, you will be warmly welcomed to experience a personalized shopping experience, in a skateshop version 2019 with a unique inventory. Follow the activities on social networks and come skate with us on Wednesdays, you will meet people involved who want to chat with you.

Happy Rookery party.



Luc Saucier

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