The year 2010 marks the advent of Welcome Skateboards, a company that would quickly stand out in the skateboard industry by bringing a radically creative and innovative approach. Founded by Jason Celaya and run out of Huntington Beach, California, Welcome Skateboards was created with the goal of redefining the standards of skateboard culture, welcoming originality, and creating a space where creativity flourishes.

Founders: Jason Celaya

At the helm of Welcome Skateboards is Jason Celaya, an entrepreneur with a passion for skateboarding and the possibility of reinventing convention. His visionary spirit and commitment to innovation were the driving forces behind the creation of Welcome Skateboards. Jason Celaya sought to create a brand that goes beyond expectations, encouraging skaters to embrace their individuality.

Artistic Aesthetics and Uniqueness of Shapes

Welcome Skateboards' distinctive aesthetic features artistic graphics and unconventional board shapes. Welcome decks stand out for their unique shapes, often inspired by elements of skateboarding's past, but reinterpreted in a way to embody modernity and originality. The colorful graphics, often created in collaboration with renowned artists, add an artistic dimension to the boards, making them works of art in their own right.

Welcome's approach to board shapes is revolutionary. Unconventional shapes, like those with asymmetrical noses and tails, offer skateboarders a new way to approach skateboarding. These innovative shapes, combined with eye-catching designs, are a statement of Welcome's desire to break from the norm and embrace the diversity of skateboarding styles.

Creativity in Production and Materials

Welcome Skateboards also stands out for its creative approach to board production. The brand uses a variety of materials and manufacturing techniques to create boards that exceed expectations in performance and durability. Collaborations with renowned brands in the skateboard industry have allowed Welcome to experiment with innovative materials, adding a technical touch to artistic creativity.

Welcome's approach to creativity isn't limited to boards. The brand also offers a range of clothing and accessories, all infused with Welcome's unique aesthetic. Each product, whether a board, t-shirt or accessory, is an artistic expression that celebrates individuality and creativity.

Creative Skateboard Team

The Welcome skate team is made up of creative and original individuals, each bringing their own vision to the collective. Skaters such as Jordan Sanchez, Ryan Lay, Nora Vasconcellos, and Ryan Townley are part of this exceptional team. Each member of the team embodies the creative spirit of Welcome, pushing the boundaries of conventional skateboarding with innovative tricks and an artistic approach to riding.

Team Welcome's videos are more than just skateboarding demonstrations. They are captivating cinematographic works, highlighting the personality of each skater and the way in which they interpret urban space. These videos are a celebration of individuality and creativity, reflecting the very essence of Welcome Skateboards.

Innovation in Events and Promotion

Welcome Skateboards is also innovating in the way it promotes skateboard culture. The brand hosts unique events, such as creative competitions and art exhibitions, creating spaces where the skateboarding community can come together to celebrate creativity. These events go beyond traditional competitions by emphasizing artistic expression and creative freedom.

In terms of promotion, Welcome Skateboards uses social media and online platforms to share its story and interact with its community. Videos, interviews and creative visual content fuel Welcome's online presence, inspiring skateboarders around the world to express themselves freely and embrace their creativity.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

Welcome Skateboards has maintained a strong commitment to the skateboard community and beyond. The brand supports community initiatives, sponsors local skateparks, and encourages youth participation in skateboarding. In terms of social responsibility, Welcome Skateboards strives to minimize its environmental impact by adopting sustainable practices in the production of its boards and encouraging the community to do the same.

This global approach reflects Welcome Skateboards' desire not only to be a brand of