The story of Spitfire Wheels began in 1987, when Jim Thiebaud and Fausto Vitello decided to create a company that would redefine skateboard wheels. Founded in San Francisco, Spitfire quickly gained notoriety for its commitment to innovation and iconic style. Spitfire's birthdate marks the start of a revolution in the skateboard industry, with wheels that would break convention.

Founders: Jim Thiebaud and Fausto Vitello

Jim Thiebaud, a professional skateboarder with a powerful and creative style, teamed up with Fausto Vitello, an entrepreneur with a passion for skateboarding, to bring Spitfire Wheels to life. Their vision was clear: to design wheels that would deliver unparalleled performance while reflecting the distinctive style and attitude of skateboard culture.

Innovation and Performance

Since its inception, Spitfire has been committed to pushing the boundaries of skateboard wheel technology. The brand has introduced innovative concepts such as blending polyurethane formulas to optimize durability, traction and speed. The Spitfire Formula Four, for example, raised the standard for wheel performance, delivering exceptional grip and resistance to flatspots.

Spitfire has also pioneered the development of varied wheel profiles, allowing skateboarders to choose wheels suited to their skating style, whether street, bowl or transition. This constant pursuit of technical excellence has solidified Spitfire's reputation as an industry leader, offering wheels that meet the demands of the most demanding skateboarders.

Team of Distinguished Riders

The Spitfire Wheels team is an assembly of talented skateboarders who embody the spirit of the brand. Among them are legendary names such as Andrew Reynolds, Ishod Wair, and many more. Each member of the team contributes to Spitfire's dynamic and innovative image, pushing the boundaries of skateboarding with style and creativity.

Spitfire riders are not just athletes, but ambassadors of skateboard culture. Their influence and community involvement strengthens the connection between Spitfire and skateboarders around the world. The Spitfire team embodies the passion for skateboarding and the unique identity of the brand.

Stylized Evolution in Industry

Spitfire has undergone constant evolution over the decades, staying in tune with skateboarding trends while preserving its distinctive DNA. The brand has expanded its lineup to include a variety of wheel sizes, hardnesses and profiles, giving skateboarders an array of choices to personalize their riding experience.

The Spitfire aesthetic, characterized by the iconic flame logo, has become a style symbol in skateboard culture. The wheel designs, often created in collaboration with renowned artists, add an artistic dimension to functionality, making Spitfire wheels not only a performance choice, but also a style statement.

Creative Collaborations and Special Editions

Spitfire has regularly collaborated with artists and other skateboard brands to create special edition wheels that transcend the norm. These creative collaborations have resulted in unique designs that are becoming prized collectibles among skateboarders.

The special editions reflect Spitfire's desire to merge skateboard culture with other forms of artistic expression. These collaborations bring a touch of diversity and originality to the Spitfire product line, broadening its appeal to a wider audience.

Community Engagement and Skateboard Culture

Spitfire Wheels has maintained a consistent commitment to the skateboard community. The brand sponsors major events, competitions and skate parks, supporting the growth of skateboard culture globally. Spitfire also participates in educational and charitable projects aimed at promoting skateboarding as a positive and inclusive activity.

Spitfire's impact goes beyond the products it offers. The brand embodies a way of life, a spirit of freedom and creativity that transcends