Always ready for something new

What does it mean to "be ready for everything"? You'll find out with the Vans UltraRange EXO. Not only has this shoe been made to last for the trip, but it will also keep you comfy even in the worst conditions. It has RapidWeld features, a cloth upper that looks like the Old Skool and is breathable, and a new rubber toe and forefoot shape. This is the next step in the UltraRange line. It offers the best fit without giving up the Vans design DNA.

TOTAL SUPPORT: The EXO Skeleton has built-in support from the toes to the middle of the sides. The heel also has built-in support to make sure the shoe fits well.

ULTRACUSH FOR COMFORT: The two-material moulded UltraCushTM Lite midsole makes the shoe more comfortable while keeping it light.

ALL-TERRAIN GRIP: The reverse-lug waffle base is made with rubber to give you the most grip and flexibility. All of the rubber used, which makes up 60% of the compound, is found in a way that is good for the environment.

ENHANCED BREATHABILITY: The tongue of an UltraCushTM shoe has holes for better airflow.

REFINED MATERIALS: The top is made of recycled PET and polyester, which gives it a smooth look and a light feel.

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